Thursday, October 20, 2011

HOLY WAR # 1 the cover

For the first time in about 17 years...HOLY WAR....sees the light of day once again. Originally my concept was simple. It was a big sword wielding Angel who was a composite of Jesus and Saint Michael and God and whoever else you want to throw in there. His name was simply LORD...and he was created to be a religion based fictitious character with no theology anyone can claim to follow...he was for all intents and purposes a composite and that is all. His foe...was likewise a composite of the Devil and I named him Luseff. ( Get it ) The stories would be an anthology style deal where throughout time in different settings modern and in the past they would meet and LORD would always triumph by hacking LUSEFF into bits. That was my my creations did not intentionally reflect...God and the Devil. They were just my characters based on religious figures found throughout history and in the Bible.
I borrowed heavily from art projects I had done during my stint at the Joe Kubert school. I think I should mention that...the last panel of the story where LORD is flying into the sky that that was not swiped from LED ZEPPELIN but rather...Frank Frazetta's " Against the Gods " painting. Now if you look close'll see it. But at first you're going to think that is Icarus flying towards the sun. ( It's not )...I hope you like my story. Ladies and Gents...I present
HOLY WAR! ( If you press F11 for full screen you'll see a larger picture...then just press F11 again to go back to normal. ) Enjoy

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