Sunday, October 2, 2011

all 4 issues of Jungle tales of TARZAN...

You learn something new every day. I found out yesterday that these comics were not done with the permission of the ERB estate and they were put out pretty much illegally by Charlton comics...the lawsuit was served when the ERB people saw # 1 and quickly went into action.

BUT Charlton comics kept producing the comic books even while they were in the midst of a lawsuit. Funny though at the time DELL comics who did have the rights to produce TARZAN comics were churning out TARZAN comics with Photo covers of Gordon Scott and Lex Barker and Ron Ely left and right like nobodies business.

But for some reason as much a fan of the films and TARZAN in general I only own a few of the DELL Tarzans.

They just don't have any affect on me. I don't have any wish or desire to get them or own them. I can't say why. I'm thinking it may be the photo covers...I just don't care for photo covers...that is more than likely the reason.

The Charlton's however are freaking awesome I love the art and I love the covers...Whoever Pat Masulli is he's a great artist. I can go on and on about Sam Glanzman everyone knows I love him. These covers have a color and a texture to them that just appeals to me check out the cover of # 4...It looks like the art of recently passed and fantastic artist Dave Hoover. I love the touch of the leopard spotted trunks...a look Joe Kubert kept when he began producing TARZAN comics for DC back in the 1970's. I can't say enough about Kubert either.

The lawsuit was an interesting fun fact that I found to be more of a reason for me to love these comics. They are rare and I suggest any fan of TARZAN or even Charlton should go and find them. These are my favorite Charlton TARZAN comics!

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