Monday, April 22, 2013


In true Elseworlds/WHAT IF style I had this idea for a story where Cap was brainwashed by the Red Skull during WWII and SGT ROCK was given the task of bringing him back "DEAD OR ALIVE"  aside from all the set up involved the final battle breaks down like this.  ROCK chases Cap down and corners him.  Rock anticipates Cap throwing his shield and rolls under the path of the discus projectile and pounces on Cap...Now in a hand to hand stand up battle of fisticuffs the two square off in a titanic tussle of blow for blow toe to toe head to head action.  Given his training and the advantage of the Super soldier serum running through his veins Cap has a big edge and apparently seems to be winning.  But Rock will not stay down and one last ditch attempt swings his big fist landing square on the side of Cap's jaw and knocks him out cold.  When Cap comes to the effects of the brainwashing have worn off and the Patriotic pair team up to take down and foil the Red Skull's plan.  Loaded with a guest starring cameo by Easy company and Bucky   and even SGT FURY and the Howlers!!!  It would be the greatest team up since Superman and the Amazing Spiderman!

Special thanks to Mike Dominic at AIM comics for lending me a hand in producing this mock cover

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

KING KONG movie posters

Yeah... I love COMIC BOOKS and JUNGLE GIRLS and CONAN and HERCULES but I also have another guilty pleasure.  KING KONG the world of KONG fascinates me.  I always loved the 1933 version and always wathced it whenever it would come on.  Then in 1976 they made a new version of the film.  Not really a remake but more of a revamp.  They changed the whole thing with Jack making a film to Jack being a stowaway on an oil tanker looking for oil on Skull Island.  Turns out Jack is a photographer and then DWAN shows up...( Jessica Lange ) she's a shipwrecked actress and Jack and Dwan fall in love.  But it's a love triangle because KONG loves her too.  I always loved the movie posters and searched them out on the web for this post.  Keep in mind KING KONG was a very successful Gold Key comic book adaptation too.  But I don't need to justify the things I love by relating them to comics...but yeah there were KING KONG comics and why would there not be?  Anyway...I love KING KONG check out the posters I found on the web and share with you today.

I know Frazetta did the book cover adaptation