Saturday, October 1, 2011

Marvel comics' The Captain America of the 1950's

Back in the 1970's Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema were the creative team on the Cap book. In that they created a new character. Everyone knows the old Cap ressurection storyline from Avengers #4 right? The plain blew up , Bucky died and Cap was in suspended animation until the Avengers revived him from his icy slumber.

A perfect foil created and concocted by Stan Lee to introduce a NEW/OLD character

into the then fresh MARVEL universe. But If that happened then why were there Cap comics in the 1950's? Well...introducing the secret origin of Captain America! In the 1950's a Cap worshipper decided to get himself plastic surgery and administer to himself a version of the Super Soldier serum he created himself from a formula he found while doing research while he was in Germany. Thus was born...a new Captain America. Until the Government captured him and his partner ( Bucky , who also took said same Super Soldier serum ) and put them in cryogenic stasis to keep them out of trouble.

But in the 70's they were released from their slumber and then went on a rampage seeking out and trying to destroy the real deal CAP and his partner the Falcon. For all their efforts they failed and once again....the 50's Cap was returned to his slumber.

I feel this character has a lot of depth and can be used to promote a new patriotic hero. If Cap can use the Cosmic cube to wipe away all of Bucky's brainwashing then some similar event can cure Psycho Steve of his madness. Maybe Doctor Strange in some type of Vulcan style mind meld or something along those lines. But this concept is too good to let go. When we last saw this character Cap/Bucky had shot him in the chest and shoulder and he fell off the Hoover dam. I know he's not dead. He survived and he will be back.

I'm thinking that if He is cured of his madness and with his super powers he can make a fine New US AGENT or even take over as an officially appointed Cap while Steve runs around with the Secret Avengers. Think about the amazing storylines this can create.

But one thing is for certain...I love the direction the Cap book has taken with Bucky and Steve and the involvement of Pyscho Steve.
I'm really annoyed at the idea of killing off Bucky after having brought him back after all these years.

Above : Pics swiped from the actual comic books that I found on the web that this story appeared in and a volume of ESSENTIAL: CAPTAIN AMERICA where these comics are reprinted which I must now go find to add to my collection of CAP coolness!

I hope some pro comic writer reads this and a light bulb appears above his head and once again...the 50's Cap is reborn.


  1. As it turns out...BUCKY did not die. His death was faked. He is still running around as the WINTER SOLDIER...a super assassin highy trained and highly skilled...but theres more than meets the eye here too. Is his physical body...really dead? Is The Winter Soldier actually an LMD? Ahhh...I guess we'll find out one day.

  2. The ultimate irony of all is...the edition of essential Captain America features the impostor Cap on the cover.

  3. Steve Englehart did fantastic work.., later to cap it off even higher with 'Secret Empire'..

    These stories were the fabric of my youth..

  4. Typo alert...Plain....should be Plane.