Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I love Ernie Chan's INCREDIBLE HULK!!!

The 70's has always been my absolute favorite era in comics.  The art and stories were polished a bit more than the comics of the earlier decade but taking nothing away from the 60's I was only born in February of 67' so the 70's was the era I grew up in and where all my interest was generated.  Of course the 60's comics are a hairsbreadth away from the 70's as far as my favoritisim goes. I'd trade my right arm for a collection of either.  Because I love comic books.

One particular bit of history revolving around my love of comics is the art and the artists who rendered the comic books with style and flair.  Ernie Chan was one of those men whose work graces the pages of many a comic book I know so well and love.  I'm not really certain of the whole Chua era but I do know Chan is the man's real last name.  Ernie has drawn every super hero under the sun you can name.  Bat-Man , Superman , Conan ,Thor you name it he's drawn it.  One of my favorite runs from any era was Ernie's run on the Incredible HULK.  He drew the HULK so powerful and impressive with a technique and style like only he could deliver.  Ernie passed away but his work will live on and I will forever Marvel at his work and admire him.  He was one of the reasons why I myself picked up a pencil and started to draw.  He will always be an inspiration to me and I will forever love Ernie's are several covers I lifted from various places on the web.  I do own these comics in my was just easier for me to save and post this way.  Enjoy...Man these bring back memories.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


A few years back I sold 2/3 of my comic book collection my BLACK LIGHTNING run went along with the package.  So I looked up the lot on ebay and ordered them to replace my lost collection. 11 comics for 14.99 seemed like a fantastic bargain so I bought them right up.
Back when these comics came out I was around 11 years old and one of my favorite comic book characters was Marvel comics' POWERMAN  I was iimediately drawn to BL because of the costume design it jumps right out at you and this costume goes down in my book as one of the greatest costume designs in comic book history.  The idea he was an exploitation character went right over my head.  I was 11 innocent to things like that...he was just a cool Super Hero.  I can't wait to open that package up and re-read all these comic books one more time and pour over the art and enjoy the stories from a more innocent time in my life.  Wiffle ball in the street , Two hand touch , Riding bikes with Baseball cards int the spokes and COMIC BOOKS...I love comic books.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Final issue of CAP...PERFECT.

I have always been a CAP fan and one of my favorite bits of history revolving around him is the creation of the fiftie's Cap... a man who idolized Steve Rogers so much he went to great lengths to become CAPTAIN AMERICA....The 1970's storyline where they pretty much introduced him in order to explain why there were CAP comics in the 50's was brilliant.
    He popped up in the comic from time to time and the last we heard from him he'd been shot by BUCKY AMERICA and fell off the Hoover dam.  They never recovered his body.  I knew he was still around.
   With the advent of NEW Marvel titles popping up it was decided to end the current run of course.  So they could start all over with a number one. Sure enough in the final issue written by Ed Brubaker and illustrated by artistic phenom Steve Epting they wrapped up the last chapter of the Captain America of the 1950's.

I knew right from the start what was going on when I saw Steve Rogers...or someone who looks like him laying in a hospital bed.  Then they continue the story with some action as CAP ( 50's CAP ) foils the plans of some Evil clowns robbing a train.  The moment I saw him land with a crunch on top of that train I knew it was him ( William Burnside )  When it's all over Steve Rogers crashes the party and Burnside runs in a panic right in front of a speeding truck.  Which is why he ends up in the hospital.  What follows is one of the greatest wrap up stories along with a history of CAP depicted in the most entertaining manner.  From Steve's point of view.
   I still hope that with rehabilitation and guidance Burnside can actually become a Shield agent or some other Patriotic hero.  He's too great a character not to use again. 

   Do yourselves a favor an go out and get this issue and read it 12 times in row like I did.  It's a great story.  I love it.

Friday, October 5, 2012

SWAMP THING COVERS I love!!!...Original production art by Ernie Chan

This cover was totally pencilled and inked by Ernie Chan...powerful, POWERFUL composition!!!  The earlier post states in the comment section that Nestor Redondo did this cover....But I was in was ERNIE CHAN...this looks to be a color guide.  I borrowed it from Mike Burkey's comic art auction site ROMITA MAN... is an awesome cover.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Of course I love the Bernie Wrightson fact I have a post here from a couple of years back.  But #22 holds a special place in my heart...because of course I remember it from when I was an itty bitty boy.
  Then I had to get the following issues 23 and 24...which was the last issue of Volume 1.
  Collecting the rest of the series came later in life when I was older and had a job.  I got number 22 when I was the Hosptial with kidney issues.  You all know the story...sick Hospital,Dad,Comics...memories.  Comic books brought me good memories from a miserable time spent in the Hospital. 
     I don't regret or look back and say I wish life were different then...those experiences molded me and made me who I am today...a Man Child!  lol...That would make a cool comic book eh?  "MAN CHILD the child who walks like a Man!"  Or vice versa  Heh heh heh....This I share with you today.

Friday, August 31, 2012

BLOD one shot

well the time is almost upon us...a long awaited moment. For me anyway. My comic book is comin' out. It will be available on Indy soon. Right now it's been sent off to the printer and me and Cromsblood from "CROM the ultimate Conan fan blog" ( My partner in crime) are waiting with baited breath. So next month...go to and order yourself a copy or two. It's a full color comic book...Treachery,greed and Vengeance await around the corner. This here is the cover and right below that the pin-up...enjoy

Monday, August 20, 2012


I doctored up an old drawing of mine....based on an original Larry Lieber cover....just for kicks

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Joe Kubert - My inspiration...

My first introduction to Tarzan in the comic books was when Joe Kubert was drawing the comic book for DC back in the 70's...Until then I had no idea there ever were any Tarzan comic books. His art,line quality and storytelling had me hooked at a young age and I knew that I would want to draw comic books professionally for a living. ( Something that never happened ) but my love for the art will be with me forever. Soon after I learned about Conan and John Buscema and that became a damn near obsession...anything Conan or John Buscema...So it was set in stone. John Buscema and Joe Kubert were my biggest influences and the ball was rolling. Jack Kirby and my appreciation for him came not too long after. Recently I started a sketch journal and filled it with doodles and recreations of art by John Buscema and Joe Kubert as well as others. It's something I'd been doing for months now. I am already on a second are the drawings from the last few pages of the journal and a couple of pages from the new one. This past week Joe Kubert died and my triumvirate of influences have all gone to Heaven. The Captains of the industry who paved my road and the road for many others have retired. But their influence lives on. The last last drawing here on this particular post was done after I learned of Joe Kubert's passing. I am an independant cartoonist. My contributions to the industry don't register. But I exist. My comic book BLOD will soon be available on Something I never would have done if not for Joe Kubert,John Buscema and Jack Kirby....Enjoy - Mike

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Incredible HULK vs ULIK the Rock Troll!

To my recollection there has never been such a match up in the history of Marvel comics...ULIK has always been a THOR villain and has always we know that he'd lose this match up as well...but because I'd never seen it and always wanted to , it prompted me into making up this mock cover. I wanted to stick with the classic Herb Trimpe , Marie Severin style HULK and actually had a devil of a time trying to get the face right...I think I did ok. ULIK looks more of a John Buscema influenced drawing rather than TRIMPE but then again if I'm not thinking Kirby I'm thinking Buscema and if I'm not thinking either of those gent's I'm thinking Kubert.
Once again for colors and letters I turned to my friend Dom from AIM comics the people who publish " The Brutal blade of Bruno the bandit "
Dom is a fantastic artist and is a professional graphic artist you can see his portfolio at He did a bang up job and it looks just like I'd imagined. I anticipated he'd get it right. Dom's done a few other pieces for me and I am always satisfied. I hope you enjoy my pic...and get a kick out of it. - Mike

Comic book resources - 25 of the best Kubert covers

Comicbook resources ran a column posting the 25 greatest Joe Kubert covers of all time - seen here on my blog are the ones I actually own...but go the CBR website and check them all out....see all your favorite greatest Joe Kubert covers!!!;_ylu=X3oDMTE1NGUyMzg2BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA1NNRTA4MF8xODQ-/SIG=133ehjcib/EXP=1344980800/**http%3a//

Monday, August 13, 2012

Joe Kubert: The passing of a great great man....

As a former Kubert school student and someone who met the man and got to experience that spirited grip of a handshake I must admit this news has really taken it's toll on me. I don't know if I'll sleep well tonight. The man ...a true legend and Master of his craft left behind a legacy and a family of former students called Kubies... I am proud of the moniker and wear it like a badge. Joe Kubert not only put me in my place when he needed to but he taught me lessons I still apply today. I learned more from that man in the one year I had as a student of my second year at his school than I will ever realize.

The one thing I remember him saying clearly ( As well as having contradicted me when I mispronounced words ) was this " You never cease to learn something new everyday , everytime you pick up a pencil you'll learn something different " At the age of 65 he said those words. There are no words to describe the feeling I have except grief..just grief. My heart goes out to his family and all my classmates and fellow alumnists who attended the school and who knew Joe. Rest in peace Joe Kubert you leave behind you a legacy that will never die...your work , your family , your friends and your students who loved you as a mentor and teacher. Although I never made it in the field as a pro... Your lessons will live with me forever. God bless...Rest in peace Sir.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mock SUPERBOY cover from an Alternate universe.

Just recently a friend of mine from my local comics shop asked me to do a special piece for him. He wanted me to recreate a John Byrne Action Comics cover and make it in to a Superboy cover. I was all too ready to provide. So I redrew the cover and made Supeman into Superboy and then made Superboy into a younger version of Ultra man ( Ultra boy )...after the art was finished I enlisted the aid of my Friend DOM from AIM comics the producers of " The Brutal blade of Bruno the bandit " They've used some of my art in their publications. Well here is the final product....I think it came out neat....what'cha think?

Monday, July 9, 2012


If you’ve been reading my blog and if you’ve been following along then you know all the parts about having lived in Roosevelt L.I. and having Eddie Murphy dump my bubbles and how I used to get beat up walking to and from school. You’d also know about the rare kidney disease I had until I was 15 years of age. Then you may also be aware of the swamp and my dog Duke and my love of comic books and adventure. Well…beyond that swamp was an industrial park and in that industrial park there were stores on the far side…a little tiny strip mall…there were four stores in that strip mall. A Barber, a Deli ,a Pizza parlor and a Stationary store. The year was 1976…I’d been living at my new home for over 7 months now and looking to find stores that had comic books.
I did not discover any comic book stores yet and I’m not sure at that time there were any in that area yet. ( Not until a year later ) I loved Super heroes and cartoons and watched avidly anything that had to do with either.
“The Six Million dollar man” was a hot TV show at the time and my absolute favorite. I could not wait…week after week I’d watch as Steve Austin would battle bad guys and Androids and Android Bigfoots and other Cyborgs…it was a fantastic show a great idea and as far as Sci-fi television goes one of the better concepts since STAR TREK.
I had always liked Lee Majors and remembered him from The Big Valley. When he took on the role of Steve Austin he became the greatest super hero since Superman or Captain America.
In 1976 Charlton comics had been putting out SMDM comics…on this one day in particular I stumbled into that Stationary store with some friends from the neighborhood who were looking for Baseball cards. I noticed stacks of comics on a ledge in front of the counter. There were Archie and Sad Sack and Casper’s…none of that was my speed…I liked the Super heroes. Then I saw on the wall…below some girlie magazines…Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella, Legion of Monsters , Marvel Preview and…the first issue of THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN magazine!!!! I thought….”Wow…it’s a comic?” But not quite…It was a Magazine. A black and white magazine with cover art by Neal Adams. I recognized Neal’s work from a couple of Savage Tales magazines I had acquired in a trade for some baseball cards from another friend from school. But It was a dollar. I only had 50 cents… I didn’t buy anything that day but instead saved my 50 cents so I could come back next week and buy the magazine. Well …alas…I never did get that magazine. When I went back it was gone…so I bought a Coke and some candy instead.
Last week (35 years later)…I visited my local comic shop…the comic shop with the largest selection of back issues here on LONG ISLAND and a gentleman came in selling some comic books…one of those comic books…was THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN regular series comic from Charlton with cover art and interiors by the great Joe Staton. Immediately my antennae went up and I made the guy an offer. It was more than the comic was worth but…It fed an old need and touched a nerve. I stood there and told the guy how I’d always wanted this comic book but never bought it. (I was really talking about the b/w magazine)…then I proceeded to tell him about the magazines. He seemed interested and then I recounted my little tale about how I’d always wanted it but never was able to buy one. Then…by coincidence after 35 years…he comes in with the comic book that triggered a memory and got my collective juices flowing and got a whole entire new treasure hunt going. I plan to go to conventions and visit every comic shop from College point, Breezy Point, Montauk Point and all points in between ( All Long Island locations ) to find those magazines and those comic books. Sure I could find them on E-bay…but that would defeat the whole purpose of the thrill of the hunt. Incidentally I did find a copy of the first issue of the Magazine on E-bay for 10 bucks…other sellers had it for 35 to 50 dollars but one guy had it for 10 bucks….so guess what? I have it now. Firmly implanted in my brain the indelible image of THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN…tearing the engine out of a car by Neal Adams is now a reality…I can read the magazine and hold it and turn the pages…I never owned it until recently but…The SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN magazine has always been one of my Favorite comics and it bears…one of my all-time favorite covers by Neal Adams.

Friday, June 15, 2012

"Another look into my sketch journal"

Submitted for your perusal, here are a bunch of pages out of my sketchbook. A lot of these are copies/tribute/homage recreations by the likes of Alan Davis, John Buscema , Walt Simonson, Hal Foster,Tom Yeates,Steve Epting,Lee Falk,Chris Samnee,Jerry Ordway,Kurt Schaffenberger,Will Eisner,Ernie Chan,CC Beck,Lee Weeks, Bruce Timm and Cary Nord. There are just as many original pieces in here as well. I even included a sample page in a how it's done kind of spirit.

I have been asked if the more detailed pieces are traced and I am happy tell you NO! I do not trace...I don't need to. I am an artist and have a reputation to uphold. I am working on a new comic book for self publication aside from filling this sketch journal and putting new drawings into the book keeps me sharp and helps me develop a steady hand and I learn things I can't explain by doing these drawings. In my younger years I attended art school and had aspirations to work in comics...but a series of unfortunate circumstances led to that having never happened. I floundered around for many years never having picked up a pencil but now I am back in black baby. I share these drawings with those who are interested and intrigued. If there are peo0ple who are neither of those. You can't please everyone. Hope you like my stuff enjoy.