Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Incredible HULK vs ULIK the Rock Troll!

To my recollection there has never been such a match up in the history of Marvel comics...ULIK has always been a THOR villain and has always lost...so we know that he'd lose this match up as well...but because I'd never seen it and always wanted to , it prompted me into making up this mock cover. I wanted to stick with the classic Herb Trimpe , Marie Severin style HULK and actually had a devil of a time trying to get the face right...I think I did ok. ULIK looks more of a John Buscema influenced drawing rather than TRIMPE but then again if I'm not thinking Kirby I'm thinking Buscema and if I'm not thinking either of those gent's I'm thinking Kubert.
Once again for colors and letters I turned to my friend Dom from AIM comics the people who publish " The Brutal blade of Bruno the bandit "
Dom is a fantastic artist and is a professional graphic artist you can see his portfolio at Paladinfreelance.com. He did a bang up job and it looks just like I'd imagined. I anticipated he'd get it right. Dom's done a few other pieces for me and I am always satisfied. I hope you enjoy my pic...and get a kick out of it. - Mike

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