Sunday, August 19, 2012

Joe Kubert - My inspiration...

My first introduction to Tarzan in the comic books was when Joe Kubert was drawing the comic book for DC back in the 70's...Until then I had no idea there ever were any Tarzan comic books. His art,line quality and storytelling had me hooked at a young age and I knew that I would want to draw comic books professionally for a living. ( Something that never happened ) but my love for the art will be with me forever. Soon after I learned about Conan and John Buscema and that became a damn near obsession...anything Conan or John Buscema...So it was set in stone. John Buscema and Joe Kubert were my biggest influences and the ball was rolling. Jack Kirby and my appreciation for him came not too long after. Recently I started a sketch journal and filled it with doodles and recreations of art by John Buscema and Joe Kubert as well as others. It's something I'd been doing for months now. I am already on a second are the drawings from the last few pages of the journal and a couple of pages from the new one. This past week Joe Kubert died and my triumvirate of influences have all gone to Heaven. The Captains of the industry who paved my road and the road for many others have retired. But their influence lives on. The last last drawing here on this particular post was done after I learned of Joe Kubert's passing. I am an independant cartoonist. My contributions to the industry don't register. But I exist. My comic book BLOD will soon be available on Something I never would have done if not for Joe Kubert,John Buscema and Jack Kirby....Enjoy - Mike

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