Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flea Market finds part 3

The coolest find I found at that flea market was this awesome Marvel comics poster has about 16 terrific reproductions of Marvel comics classic covers and since this is MY FAVORITE COVERS blog...I want to share with you the cooler covers in the book. I don't know why they gave the covers that stressed kind of ruins it for me...but...since these images are a little larger than magazine sized they would make mighty cool posters if'n provided I hung them up...but I'm not gonna do that...they go in my COOLECTION. The coolest part about it is....I PAID A BUCK FOR IT!!!!

Flea Market finds part 2

In my little browsing session at the same dollar store in the flea market I mentioned in the post before this one I also found this neat weird and strange Marvel comics calendar from Mexico...the months and days are in Spanish and the guy who owns the place said he got them from is just a few of the pages as an example...I did not really like the idea and the layout and compositions are really cheapo but...It's a cool find for a buck.

Flea Market finds part 1

I am always out on the hunt for cool super hero related stuff...I went to an indoor flea market not too far from my home about 8 towns east of me...I was looking for new mototcycle gloves and I like to look at all the t-shirts my rotund body won't fit into...( They only carry up to 3 x and I'm a 4 )

In that flea market there is a little dollar store kind of shop...they get their supplies from the strangest vendors from all across the world. I found cool spider man stickers in a 2 pack. These are huge. The Spider man head is about 12 inches high as is the standing figure. I got these neat little stickers for a buck! I'll never stick them on anything...( Don't know why they won't be worth more than a buck) But it's for my collection of coolness...I call it my " Coolection " Hang in there I got two more cool posts to show ya!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Conan w/axe recreation....from a Joe Jusko picture.

I love comic art and I love CONAN and I love original works by popular greats...but sometimes an original piece might be out of ones price an artist myself ( I attended the Joe Kubert school for 2 years ) I decided to recreate the image of CONAN I loved so much that I recently saw online by Joe Jusko. It's a huge 10 by 15 image that took me abour 5 hours to complete...drawing it just right and then it needed to be inked. It was fun all the way. So I posted it on facebook. I got some compliments and some like clicks. Then Joe Jusko himself chimed in and said..." Great Job Mike ,I'm Flattered " So me...being the big knucklehead dumb dumb that I am said..." Don't be flattered Joe be proud...blah blah blah blah" I'm such a nit wit. Anyway...I really appreciated the fact Joe himself took a moment to pass a compliment....that I should have just said thank you to. Anyway...I got me a nice big CONAN drawing that I can thank Joe I see's not mine. It's a copy of Joe's. Thank you Mr. Jusko for being an inspiration....I got my blood moving now and I am motivated to do more. I hope whoever is interested enjoys my blog...because If you read this'd know who I am. I just love this stuff and can never get enough!