Friday, June 15, 2012

"Another look into my sketch journal"

Submitted for your perusal, here are a bunch of pages out of my sketchbook. A lot of these are copies/tribute/homage recreations by the likes of Alan Davis, John Buscema , Walt Simonson, Hal Foster,Tom Yeates,Steve Epting,Lee Falk,Chris Samnee,Jerry Ordway,Kurt Schaffenberger,Will Eisner,Ernie Chan,CC Beck,Lee Weeks, Bruce Timm and Cary Nord. There are just as many original pieces in here as well. I even included a sample page in a how it's done kind of spirit.

I have been asked if the more detailed pieces are traced and I am happy tell you NO! I do not trace...I don't need to. I am an artist and have a reputation to uphold. I am working on a new comic book for self publication aside from filling this sketch journal and putting new drawings into the book keeps me sharp and helps me develop a steady hand and I learn things I can't explain by doing these drawings. In my younger years I attended art school and had aspirations to work in comics...but a series of unfortunate circumstances led to that having never happened. I floundered around for many years never having picked up a pencil but now I am back in black baby. I share these drawings with those who are interested and intrigued. If there are peo0ple who are neither of those. You can't please everyone. Hope you like my stuff enjoy.


  1. well i have to say i'm impressed after viewing your artwork for decades your at the top of your game, love the viking king my fav.more please !

  2. I believe you mean the John Buscema recreation...Yes...I like that too...
    Keep in mind...I went through a rough patch many years ago and although I kept drawing all these years... I still had something missing inside my brain. But I got it back....long ago. I only just found this out recently. Good thing too. I'm enjoying myself immensely.

  3. Those are great. I never knew that you were an artist too. Damn, boy, I am finding out everything today.