Thursday, December 30, 2010

Recreation ~ CONAN # 115

Everyone knows I made friends with Michael Maikowsky the artist who does the quality repro's of John Buscema art. He also does original pieces in the style of John as well. You can check out my earlier post on how you can obtain an original recreation from Michael by checking out my older posts. You'll see an entire post dedicated to him.

I got my reinterpretation/cover repro from Michael and I'd like to share it with you here on my favorite covers blog. Once again THANK YOU Michael.
art by Michael Maikowsky ( after John Buscema and Ernie Chan )

Thursday, December 23, 2010

CONAN # 115

The iconic image of Marvel comics' " CONAN the BARBARIAN " as only John Buscema and Ernie Chan can provide.

The cover blurbs and toys r us logo's and stuff ruin the classic feel. But nothing can take away the art. Nothing.

Below see my paste up version of my Interpretation of every ones favorite Barbarian. I call my guy BLOD ( Norweigian for BLOOD ) the Red VIKING. Coming soon. Don't worry the art will be swiping. That's bad.

Cover art by John Buscema and Ernie Chan.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


" Blasting through the snow through the mistletoe coming to save the day "
Ahh nothing like a bunch of Super guys to brighten up the HOLIDAYS.
Cover by John Buscema


A spooky skeletal Santa clanking down the chimney with a bag full of broken toys and rotten eggs and meat. Yeah that's what I want in my stocking.
Cover by Joe Jusko


I think Marvels Santa would kick DC's Santa's butt...DC made him out to be a regular ol' jolly fat guy
But Marvel made him look huge and robust.
This cover was lifted from Ebay. I can't find this particular comic for my collection and have been trying to find it.
Cover by Curt Swan


Celebrating Christmas with the mighty AVENGERS would have to rank among ones all time favorite Holiday memories.
Now I don't know about you but I think BEN makes an awesome Santa.

art by Gil Kane and John Romita


Art by Nick Cardy


There is nothing like a good old SUPER HERO CHRISTMAS anthology. I used to get a kick out of the covers with SUPER HEROES decorating the tree and having fun sitting around like normal folk.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the BRAVE and the BOLD # 118

WILDCAT was always.... to me an awesome character. I love Jimmy Aparo's work on these comics. He's got dozens and dozens of awesome BAT covers lending to his legend.

Everyone has a favorite BAT artist. JIM APARO is mine. This issue has my favorite cover and one of my favorite plots.....

"In Sparta Prison, Batman and Commissioner Gordon try to talk a prisoner named Dubek into talking about his former employer the Joker or risk staying in solitary confinement, to which Dubek refuses. The Joker, knowing that eventually his former stooge may crack, decides to put a plan in motion to silence him.When Ted Grant puts on a boxing match for the prison, Dubek is picked to be the best prisoner fight the fight (in spite of Gordon's express instructions not to let them out) This allows the Joker to slip in rare tropical disease into Dubek's water bucket. This also succeeds in infecting all the other prisoners, and a doctor gives them 72 hours to live. Thankfully, there is a dog named Spot which they have used to make enough vaccine to cure everyone.However, when they try to transport the special dog to the prison to extract the vaccine and cure the inmates, the Joker is there to attack. Although the Joker fails in capturing the priceless pooch, the dog manages to get away and run off into Gotham City. Batman and Ted Grant (reprising his identity of Wildcat) scour the city to try and find the dog. Spot is ultimately captured by the dog pound. With time running out, they put an APB out for the dog and learn that it was taken to the Gotham pound.However they arrive too late and find that the Joker beat them to collecting the dog. The Joker then contacts Batman and tells him that he'll turn over the dog to the police if he and Wildcat agree to a fight to the death. Both men agreeing they go to Gotham's Jefferson Square Garden for the fight. The Joker makes them wear the Cestus boxing gloves of ancient Rome. When the two men begin to weaken in battle, the Joker admits to them that he coated the Cestus' with the virus and that he intends to watch them both die. When the dog bites the Joker, he orders his goon to go throw the dog in the nearby river.Batman bluffs the Joker, telling him that the dog may have infected him with the virus with it's bite, forcing the Joker to save the dog in order to save himself, which leaves for an easy capture. When Wildcat asks Batman if it was true that the Joker got infected, Batman admits he doesn't know, but he was hoping the Joker wouldn't want to risk it one way or the other. "

Cover by Jim Aparo

Friday, December 3, 2010


Ok so one of them aint a SAVAGE SWORD was used for the cover of a TWO MORROWS publication. It's an homage to an old SAVAGE SWORD house ad MARVEL ran in the 1970's by JOHN's beautiful right?
art by JOE JUSKO


This was kind of a tough one. Joe has done dozens of Savage Sword covers and choosing a top 10 was not easy. The covers I chose were due to some aspect of the composition or perhaps a facial expression or a pose or maybe it reminded me in some ways of someone elses work...Like FRAZETTA or JOHN BUSCEMA. Nevertheless I have chosen 10 covers solely for your entertainment. Joe Jusko's work is a brilliant display of talent and imagination. After all how many times can one paint CONAN? He's on a horse or he's swinging an axe or he's grabbing a girl or he's hurling some lout or he's just posing with a sword. Joe found a way each and every time to make his painting brilliant in some form or fashion.
I met Joe at a convention in NYC in 1991. He was just hanging out standing near a wall with his arms folded and I asked him to sign my SILVER SURFER graphic novel by John Buscema...Joe Painted the cover ( The one where each and every page was a splash page ) He said " If I sign it the book is going to be devalued. " I said " signing the book is worth more to me " He smiled and signed the book. I shook his hand thrilled and ecstatic and went on my merry way to convene with my KUBERT school Pals
The dude is cool. He's just a nice guy....who the hell would care if my book was devalued?
I still have that book and all the other sketches and signed comics I got from all the artists who attended the CON that day.
After these favorite JUSKO SS covers I will move on to my top 10 OTHER THAN CONAN JUSKO covers.
But each and every time I look at a CONAN cover painted by JOE....I can Imagine what he'd look like if he were a real life flesh and blood person. I can also see what it may have looked like if JOE were painting over a BIG JOHN drawing. look at these covers and enjoy. Finding quality copies on line to swipe was tough.
But I was not hauling my SAVAGE SWORD collection into work just to scan some comics for a blog. I think maybe it's time I got a scanner at
art by JOE JUSKO