Monday, August 13, 2012

Joe Kubert: The passing of a great great man....

As a former Kubert school student and someone who met the man and got to experience that spirited grip of a handshake I must admit this news has really taken it's toll on me. I don't know if I'll sleep well tonight. The man ...a true legend and Master of his craft left behind a legacy and a family of former students called Kubies... I am proud of the moniker and wear it like a badge. Joe Kubert not only put me in my place when he needed to but he taught me lessons I still apply today. I learned more from that man in the one year I had as a student of my second year at his school than I will ever realize.

The one thing I remember him saying clearly ( As well as having contradicted me when I mispronounced words ) was this " You never cease to learn something new everyday , everytime you pick up a pencil you'll learn something different " At the age of 65 he said those words. There are no words to describe the feeling I have except grief..just grief. My heart goes out to his family and all my classmates and fellow alumnists who attended the school and who knew Joe. Rest in peace Joe Kubert you leave behind you a legacy that will never die...your work , your family , your friends and your students who loved you as a mentor and teacher. Although I never made it in the field as a pro... Your lessons will live with me forever. God bless...Rest in peace Sir.

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