Friday, June 15, 2012

"Another look into my sketch journal"

Submitted for your perusal, here are a bunch of pages out of my sketchbook. A lot of these are copies/tribute/homage recreations by the likes of Alan Davis, John Buscema , Walt Simonson, Hal Foster,Tom Yeates,Steve Epting,Lee Falk,Chris Samnee,Jerry Ordway,Kurt Schaffenberger,Will Eisner,Ernie Chan,CC Beck,Lee Weeks, Bruce Timm and Cary Nord. There are just as many original pieces in here as well. I even included a sample page in a how it's done kind of spirit.

I have been asked if the more detailed pieces are traced and I am happy tell you NO! I do not trace...I don't need to. I am an artist and have a reputation to uphold. I am working on a new comic book for self publication aside from filling this sketch journal and putting new drawings into the book keeps me sharp and helps me develop a steady hand and I learn things I can't explain by doing these drawings. In my younger years I attended art school and had aspirations to work in comics...but a series of unfortunate circumstances led to that having never happened. I floundered around for many years never having picked up a pencil but now I am back in black baby. I share these drawings with those who are interested and intrigued. If there are peo0ple who are neither of those. You can't please everyone. Hope you like my stuff enjoy.