Friday, October 5, 2012

SWAMP THING COVERS I love!!!...Original production art by Ernie Chan

This cover was totally pencilled and inked by Ernie Chan...powerful, POWERFUL composition!!!  The earlier post states in the comment section that Nestor Redondo did this cover....But I was in was ERNIE CHAN...this looks to be a color guide.  I borrowed it from Mike Burkey's comic art auction site ROMITA MAN... is an awesome cover.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Of course I love the Bernie Wrightson fact I have a post here from a couple of years back.  But #22 holds a special place in my heart...because of course I remember it from when I was an itty bitty boy.
  Then I had to get the following issues 23 and 24...which was the last issue of Volume 1.
  Collecting the rest of the series came later in life when I was older and had a job.  I got number 22 when I was the Hosptial with kidney issues.  You all know the story...sick Hospital,Dad,Comics...memories.  Comic books brought me good memories from a miserable time spent in the Hospital. 
     I don't regret or look back and say I wish life were different then...those experiences molded me and made me who I am today...a Man Child!  lol...That would make a cool comic book eh?  "MAN CHILD the child who walks like a Man!"  Or vice versa  Heh heh heh....This I share with you today.