Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mead school supplies

Earlier I posted some notebook and school folders that reproduced some DC comics classic covers. Noting that in 1978 when I was in what was then known as GRADE school I had some of these cool MEAD school supplies with classic Marvel covers on them. I myself had the Captain America binder. I loved it I carried until it fell to pieces. I aslo had the Spiderman folder. I still have it's dog eared and beat to hell and the two folded sides are completely separated but I still have it.

I tried to buy the Cap binder on Ebay but the guy wanted too much. I loved the binder and would buy it again at the right price but 45 bucks is just way too much even for a small piece of history like that. I'll keep my eye out and one day...somebody will have it at the right price.

I think from now on for collectors purposes I will look out for items like this every year when it's time to go out and get some school supplies...why just for the fun and nostalgia alone it's worth the trouble. prompted me to go look and find these cool images I lifted off the web...Enjoy ...some of my favorite covers...ON school supplies. ps this is going to be my last post for maybe a month or so..I have some projects I need to work on and I have to get the work done. Priorities ya know?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Captain America recreation

Well more of a test run...I was practicing with my new brush pen set by Faber Castell. So this is not really really really how I would want a really real homage tribute recreation to look...I spent maybe an hour on handing the entire deal...( Obvious from the sloppy lettering job ) But it's getting me used to using the pens...I was a brush guy in college and I was quite comfortable. But I have to compensate for the fact that arthritis takes it's toll on my drawing hand. So I'm learning myself with these new fangled brush pens...SOON very soon I will post an actual factual really real cover recreation to Cap of MY FAVORITE COVERS.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DC comics Notebooks and school supplies

I found the ACTION COMICS notebook and folder while wandering around in Target waiting for the Pharmacy to fill a scrip for my son who happens to be sick. While I was there I searched for the other notebooks but found only folders with the Wonder Woman and the Batman covers...I searched really hard for the JLA cover but alas it was a fruitless effort. I will hit another Target and see if I don't have better luck. The folders are only 99 cents and the notebooks are a Dollar 99. I provided scans of the backs of the WW , Batman and Action folders. There were some Green Lantern items there but...I was never really that big of a GL fan. So I passed them up.

I remember as a kid Marvel had the market on Notebooks , folders , binders and school supplies

I had a Spiderman folder a Captain America binder and a Fantastic four notebook all depicting classic marvel comics covers...similar to what this company is doing with the DC comics covers.

While looking for these notebooks and folders I felt like a 12 year old all over again. That's why I do it...that is what all this super hero stuff is all about a simpler more innocent time of my life.

Back then I did not have a child or any other monumentally normal and tedious repsonsibilities like getting up at 5:45 to go to work........EVERY DAY.

So for the sake of temporarily reliving my childhood for even the briefest's all worth it to me. Enjoy..."Oh BTW the ACTION COMICS number 419 with the Neal Adams/Murphy Anderson cover happens to be one of my favorite comic book covers."


A nice collage of Vampi by Enric ( Enrique Torres )
A big thanks to Joe Jusko for spotting my error and setting me straight. As great as Sanjulian's work is...we must appoint proper credit to the artists for their work.


Here is a montage , collage of a gaggle of cool covers...posted by someone on
I actually have 2 thirds of the issues the collage features. I wish I had them all. Number 4 would be primo for me to have...but...I don't. Sad face... :(