Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mead school supplies

Earlier I posted some notebook and school folders that reproduced some DC comics classic covers. Noting that in 1978 when I was in what was then known as GRADE school I had some of these cool MEAD school supplies with classic Marvel covers on them. I myself had the Captain America binder. I loved it I carried until it fell to pieces. I aslo had the Spiderman folder. I still have it's dog eared and beat to hell and the two folded sides are completely separated but I still have it.

I tried to buy the Cap binder on Ebay but the guy wanted too much. I loved the binder and would buy it again at the right price but 45 bucks is just way too much even for a small piece of history like that. I'll keep my eye out and one day...somebody will have it at the right price.

I think from now on for collectors purposes I will look out for items like this every year when it's time to go out and get some school supplies...why just for the fun and nostalgia alone it's worth the trouble. prompted me to go look and find these cool images I lifted off the web...Enjoy ...some of my favorite covers...ON school supplies. ps this is going to be my last post for maybe a month or so..I have some projects I need to work on and I have to get the work done. Priorities ya know?

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  1. I had a few of these when they came out, then started lately recollecting the folders I missed..

    I now NEED that vinyl binder. The Hunt begins.