Tuesday, September 28, 2010


His name is Skarr...hmmm...I've heard that name before.  But he don't look familiar.
P. Craig Russell did a bang up job on this series before it ended.  Classic work.  I want to see a trade.


"What are you doing Dave?....." - HAL from 2001.  Killraven encounters a similar A.I. in this ish here!!!  Great stuff man!!   Cover by Keith Pollard


They call him KILLRAVEN!!!!  Cover by "The living legend Jazzy  John Romita"

Friday, September 17, 2010


My favorite storylines involve the heroes being defeated and beaten and helplessly being placed in some sort of stasis or suspended animation.  This cover here typifies the abject helplessness of the AVENGERS as the collector adds them to his menagerie.  I'm pretty certain that this is a straight up JOHN ROMITA cover.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Favorite KAMANDI covers....

A post apocolyptic world where all that man built is in ruins and animals ruled the earth!!!  In a definate nod to the PLANET OF THE APES films...Jack Kirby prominantly features the "Statue of Liberty" in the composition here is this classic cover of issue # 1.  Just looking at it makes you want to read it right?
cover By Jack KING Kirby!!!

My favorite KAMANDI covers.....

This issue with the hot air balloon and the giant bats was freaky.  I actually did not want to read it because the bats scared me.  I was only like 5 or so...so ya can't blame me right?  When they were trapped and the bats were getting through the door I could actually feel the tension and anxiety as they had to escape.
Great story and a great cover by Jack KING Kirby!!!

My Favorite KAMANDI covers....

Nothing else captured my imagination more than a futuristic world where talkning animals ruled.  I was a Planet of the apes fan from way back but the moment I could scribble and doodle with crayons I was hooked on KAMANDI...# 11 is a comic book that I most likely learned how to read with.  Jack Kirby did the old borrow the bit trick to create "Kamandi the Last boy on earth" obviously from the Apes films...but they were great comic books.  This cover right here was TO ME..the coolest...Tiger-Pirates!!!!????
TIGPRITES!!!!?  Classic work by Jack KING Kirby....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Quite possibly the coolest cover of all time and 1 of my top 10.  Marvel Spotlight 5 the first appearance of Johnny Blaze GHOST RIDER ....the powers of Hell at his command...hellfire, flame balls , flaming wheelie chopper,  flaming skull!!! The coolest DAMNED  character of all time.  I love the eerie mood lighting PLOOG puts in all his pieces.  I could stare at this cover for hours and read the book and then stare at the cover then read it again....10 times in a row.  Without a doubt one of MY favorite covers.  Cover by Mike Ploog.

A little recreational side job.

Theres a Blog I follow called..."The Brave and the Bold the lost issues."  I enjoy the work that ROSS the author of the blog puts into each and every faux/mock imaginary team up cover he posts.  It reminded me of a time when comics were much simpler and the trade of graphic art was more....dare I say?  Artistic.
    Simple pencil drawings with black and white line art and the 4 color process all wrapped up in one story.
These days comics are a bit...over produced.  The almost photo realistic quality to the art is mind bending for sure but the sequential art and story telling aspects have gone bye bye to make way for splash pages and pin ups and ultra close ups and overly muscled characters who would not be able to move in real life with all those ripplling muskles.  BUT ....  I still love comics and remain a fan.  I drew up this cover on lunch at work and wanted to share with Ross.  He is not alone and we appreciate his blog and his work.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

MY NEW BLOG - Disclaimer

I started this new blog because MYSPACE had gotten lame. At least here on this blog I can stretch my legs a bit more and expound a little about each cover and the impact it made on my life at the time. It's going to be fun because there are so freaking many damned favorite covers of mine that they all get a showcase. Of course I do not have permission to publish or reproduce these pieces of art and they are all copywritten to particular business establishments but my blog is for review purposes only...I talk about how I like the art or I talk about the artist or whatever..It's for review purposes only. It will take some time and I only started with a few to get the ball rolling but I have a MYSPACE profile that is public and I will be transferring the entire cover gallery to this blog...gotta work on the resolution a bit but...my 100th posting will be my top 10 favorite covers...ever.  :)

Friday, September 3, 2010


I had no idea Tarzan had a son until I saw this on the rack MAN talk about capturing the imagination!
Another classic JOE KUBERT cover...probably among my top favorites of all time...not in the top ten...but an ALL TIMER!

You can't really choose just one!

There are so many awesome Joe Kubert covers how can you pick which one is a favorite. Well based on action and storyline and composition...I chose this one. Cover by Joe Kubert.

You can't really choose just one -

There are so many awesome Joe Kubert covers how can you pick which one is a favorite.  Well based on action and storyline and composition...I chose this one.  Cover by Joe Kubert.


Another comic book that I'd read and stare at the cover for , for hours.  Once again I was in the Hospital with my bad kidneys and my Parents would bring me comics...this is one of them.  I loved the pose I loved the blurb and the idea of a headless robot sneaking up on Captain Marvel actually made me say out loud - " "CAP LOOK OUT , BEHIND YOU !"...I love comics.  Cover by Kurt Schaffenberger

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I am a big fan of the silver age of super heroes...this one shot has old fashioned Supey vs Old fashioned HULKIE....great art by Steve ( the DUDE ) Rude.  An enjoyable read that covers every angle of the entire WHAT IF and Who is stronger bit...guess you gotta read it your self....One of my favorite covers featuring two of my favorite heroes in combat!  Cover art by Steve Rude.