Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My favorite HUMAN TORCH covers.

I chose to do this in several parts because I would like to write a little about each and every cover and give it the attnetion it deserves. I can post the whole bunch in one shot but it will take away from the importance of each cover to me. I want to expound.
FF # 252 - the Whole book was sideways....Why? I dunno but it was clever. Because it seems that every page had all this detail crammed into it and the splash pages came out extra nice in a wider scope. John Byrne is one of those classic MASTER cartoonists who can relay to you his work in sequential art without having any words or blurbs in a story. In order to even be a comic book artist this skill is important and Byrne is absolutely a master. Not to mention his figure work.
This cover exemplifies the FF in their glory it's a classic TEAM shot and each character seems as important as the next. There is no central character to focus on. Which is all part of good story telling. I think Byrnes run is one of the best FF runs in history and there have been a lot.
It's tough to say who has the best run ever...Guess we have to give that to Lee and Kirby for getting it going. But I stopped reading FF after Walter Simonson left and have not really gone back since. Oh sure bought a few issues here and there for specific story arcs. But lost interest around the year 2000...can't say why. But the FANTASTIC FOUR are the worlds greatest!!!
The cover for this one here is done by JOHN BYRNE. Dig it!!

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