Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The Black knight is a character created in the early 50's created by Stan Lee and Joe Maneeley. He is dude posing as a dude whose secret identity is the BLACK KNIGHT. The twin of a Brave and noble Knight of the round table who dies in battle...our hero steps in and leads everyone to believe that it is truly he who died instead while he masquerades as his own twin brother in order to avenge his name. At the same time...he is the Noble and mysterious HERO of the realm ( ala , the Lone Ranger ) The BLACK KNIGHT.
I purchased Marvel Super Heroes # 17 at that very same flea market that I mention in earlier postings. What a fantastic story....They essentially revive the character and create a story around how the villain becomes a hero. Included in this post is the BLACK KNIGHT one shot Marvel put out retelling the original origin of Sir Percy of Scandia the original BLACK KNIGHT...I love the homage style cover by Ron Frenz and his interiors are no joke either. Ron Frenz is the living breathing embdodiment and amalgamation of styles between John Buscema and Jack Kirby. So...with that kind of talent he can do no wrong.

The cover for Marvel Super Heroes 17 I believe is the great Dan Adkins and possibly John Romita inks ( Let me know would you ? )

and The Black Knight one shot is by Ron Frenz. Hope you enjoy my post...now go get dem comics and enjoy dem like me.

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