Monday, February 14, 2011

My favorite BLACK PANTHER covers

Absolutely one of the most intriguing comic book creations has got to be the BLACK PANTHER.
No other character is like him...he is unique. Not so much in looks...cuz he kinda looks like BatMan...but Wakanda...he's a Prince he's a king...he is a mighty and fierce warrior with fighting skills that can not be matched...well it's debatable in my opinion as to whether or not CAPTAIN AMERICA or the PANTHER have one up on each other.
CAP is still my fave.

I don't give a crap about what BLACK super hero this or that...I just love Super Heroes. I hate any distinction that old timey 1970's comics used to throw in there to try and create a super hero using Blaxploitation. I love that these heroes were created....but I hate why.
They created some great heroes and never ever had to even mention color. Some of the greatest comic books revolved around these guys. The PANTHER , POWER MAN , BROTHER VOO DOO...I know the PANTHER came around much sooner than the others but he had a nobility that made him different than anyone else.

The BLACK PANTHER evolved later on in comics...the PANTHER spirit and all that. Made for some great reading...I enjoyed it very much.

I don't care for exploitation at all in any form. Creating a Black Super hero...just to create a Black super hero...insults the reader. But creating a new, different and unique super the BLACK PANTHER gets people's attention.

Why are these particular covers my favorite PANTHER covers? Well...if you've been following my blog then you know that every comic book on here has something to do with something in my life. I got that Issue with the Dino/T-rex from that candy store up on the corner in ROOSEVELT that I had to walk passed bullies that beat me up because I was a different color than they were. That day...I made it by them with out so much as a shove. One kid actually took the comic book from me and said..." You like this super hero? " I said "Yeah...he's cool"

He shoved the comic back at me in my chest and said "Get goin!" Whew!!!!
The other one...I had already moved to Bay Shore but I still followed the comic series. Something about the subject matter and the way the story went down ignited a spark in me.
I came from a rough neighborhood where there was a lot of racism...towards my family...because we were the hold outs. But...I never hated anyone or held race or color against anyone. I was still a babe that did not yet understand. But I began to learn ABOUT HOW AND WHY things were the way they were. Like any good HERO the PANTHER TRIUMPHED and I could relate.

Jungle Action # 14 -cover by Gil Kane

Jungle Action # 21 -cover by Rich Buckler ( I believe )

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