Wednesday, February 2, 2011


What can be said about good old JAZZY John Romita...the guy came to Marvel too over for Ditko and carried on the book and helped it soar to new heights of popularity. His layouts and compositions were top notch and I have to say he's MY favorite Spidey artist. Sure everyone loves Ditko and sure people clamor for Mcfarlane. But Romita has always been my SPIDEY MAN!!
Look at the situation we have here the TORCH the LIZARD , SPIDEY all on one Dynamic action packed cover. Such ambiance such athmosphere. The dock the water the webs.
Just looking at this cover brings back fond memories. Going to the flea market looking in the bins and pulling out classic gems taking them home and reading them with my PB and J and a glass of chocolate milk.

This cover is by JOHN ROMITA

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