Thursday, February 24, 2011

My favorite HE-MAN covers!!

George Tuska and Dick Giordano
George Tuska and Klaus Janson

Earl Norem

Artist Unknown

Here is a few pieces of work from the great George Tuska for the MASTERS of the UNIVERSE mini series put out by DC comics in the early 1980's....there was another issue that went with these 2 shown...but it's not my favorite. But I do have all these comics.

Then I had to put up the IMAGE comics MASTERS issue 1 along with a shot of the double page spread by EARL NOREM....then for good measure I stuck in a 1980's tv advert for the cartoon. That's the only one on the web I could find so it has that movie poster blurb across it.

Kinda gets in the way...just sharing with those that never saw it before. I remember seeing it before...just not certain where.

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