Sunday, January 23, 2011

My favorite 4 color comics covers.

Super heroes....we know who they are. The entire list we can run down it and name dozens of super heroes right off the bat. But when your favorite movies as a kid have comic book adaptations...well that makes them an even more treasured item. Such as the case with these particular comic books here.
I got SPARTACUS maybe 24 years ago and read it and looked at the mighty art of John Buscema on the interiors and was taken right back to the movie. SPARTACUS also happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time. Great Stuff.
HERCULES came next...ABOUT 10 YEARS AGO I was hanging out in my local comic book store ( LONG ISLAND COMICS ) just rummaging through boxes and came across it and the owner of the store sold it to me for a really fair price considering the condition. Now I had seen these comics at conventions but was never able to afford the inflated prices of these swap meet style comic cons. WAY too much money. You go to those things to find good deals...not over pay.

Well I needed them all. Luckily for me we have Ebay. I then added HERCULES unchained , The VIKINGS and SINBAD to my collection all within the last 2 years. All the images here are taken from EBAY. These particular comics are not mine. But I do have nice quality copies of each of them. Hope you enjoy. :)


  1. Coolness! I have every one! Big John did them all except for Hercules Unchained which is drawn by Reed Crandall if memory serves without digging them out.

  2. @ Joe. If not for you posting the Sinbad issue last year on F/B...I never would have known it was out there...thanks
    and yes. That is Reed Crandall ( you let me know a while ago too when I posted the HERCULES issues on my HERC blog. ) Thank you for your professional insight. I did not know who drew it.