Tuesday, January 18, 2011


One of the most iconic images in the entire run for CONAN when he was being published @ Marvel comics. Add King Kull to the mix and you get a double dose of babrbaric imagery.

Many times as a kid I'd buy comics only if the cover looked cool. Not because the story ran in consecutive order. I bought the comics originally for the art. At one time I did not know that KULL was also created by REH so when Marvel started publishing KULL the Conqueror I thought it was stupid. But at some point I realized he was also a creation of Robert E. Howards so I then had to go out and seek the first bunch of issues and boy was I feeling stupid.

KULL offered up the same excitement and suspense CONAN did. Before I knew it I had the first 15 issues of KULL and then sought out any other KULL stories I could find. " Creatures on the loose " " Monsters on the prowl " " Marvel Preview " and so on. As much as I love CONAN...KULL came first. There were even adaptations Roy Thomas made in the comics. He transposed KULL stories into CONAN stories.

Then later on those same stories saw print in their original form as KULL tales.

I love comics. This is one of my favorite covers.

Art by John Buscema and Ernie Chan.


  1. Conan rocks! My favorite was the Black and White magazine and I have some original art from one. Check my blog at Attack at Don to see the best conan cover ever!

  2. Thanks Don...great painting too. You got Norem down really well.