Tuesday, January 11, 2011


When I was just an itty bitty boy...I saw "Marvel Triple Action" on the rack and immediately noticed that the figure work was awfully familiar. JOHN BUSCEMA my favorite artist draws X-Men too? I snatched that bitch right off the rack plopped down my quarter and dime and got home as fast as I could. I found that the comic was actually a reprint of an original X-Men book from several years before. But that did not stop me from staring at the art and the cover and the poses and the fists and the machinery and the wicked ass color scheme. I could not get enough of it and wished that it was gigantic....SO...I got hold of some poster board a teacher at school let me bring home to draw on and did my best to try to copy the drawing and recreate the simply amazing art. GUESS WHAT?...yeah it didn't work. ( I flipped over the poster board and drew one of my big giant typical CONAN with a axe drawing in marker and put bodies and vultures and blood on his axe and amazed myself...I thought it was pretty good. I put it on the outside of my bedroom door.) I never did get a big picture of that X-Men cover...but I put a tack right through the top of the comic and stuck on my wall near my bed. ( Ruining the comic ) lol.
I didn't care. I was happy. I looked at it every day. Definately one of my favorite covers.
( Whatever became of my CONAN poster? )...My brother ruined it. He went over my drawing
with a thicker marker to fatten up the line work and colored in area's that should not be colored in. I was 12 or so. He was 19. So I could not kick his ass.
I ripped it down and threw it away. He ruined it. Lot's of stuff gets ruined when you're young. :)
Art by John Buscema

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  1. Love the comic that I first bought X-Men #93. Did not like the #94 ("all new-all different)