Sunday, March 31, 2013

THE WOLVERINE by John Buscema

John Buscema has always been my favorite comic book artist.  Many years ago when WOLVERINE  the series was coming out John was chosen to do the art for the comic book and he had a great run.  The issues with Al's inks were and probably are some of the greatest line art comic books has ever seen.  ( IMHO )
         With the film coming out seeing Hugh Jackman jacked up looking like a walking talking version of a John Buscema drawing just has the geek in me psyched to no end.  It'll be in 3D so we're really gonna see some claw popping action.  I think it'll be intense.
         But to digress...when the comic book series came out my local comic book shop owner Big Ed ( Rest his soul ) gave me the promo poster and I still have it... although it's just a promo poster it's a king sized piece of history...only next to my Big John HERC sketch it is one of the most prized pieces in my collection based on sentimental value alone.
        With this movie coming out and seeing the sneal peak trailer online it got my memory going and brought me back in time to the awe and joy of when John Buscema rulled the roost as one of the comic book industries greatest working , living legends...
          I love comic books ,I love Wolverine and I love John Buscema........

Monday, March 25, 2013


What if Captain America were brainwashed by the Red Skull in WWII.  Who would bring him in?
Well in true elseworlds style the best man for the job would be SGT ROCK. 
The premise is while under the influence of the Red Skull Cap killed Nick Fury and the only logical recourse would be to bring in SGT ROCK.  I was in a mood...felt like drawing so I imagined this scenario.  I cold swiped both images and squared off Cap against Sarge in a battel of the All star Americans.  I'm hoping to do the full mock up on this cover...soon.  I'll keep ya posted

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Thought factory , posters...Memories

I was 11 years of age when these posters came out.  I had the HULK and Captain America...I wanted the Superman and Thor and ( featured in an earlier post on this blog ) so badly but I never did get them.  The Bat Man as well was on my want list.  These posters are all currently on ebay for varying prices.  The posters themselves represent a more innocent time in my life from an era that no longer exists.  You can't go back there is no such thing as a time machine.  ( Unless you're in a jet plane and heading to the west coast...then you're travelling 3 hours into the past ) can think back fondly to childhood and days of daydreams and reading comic books with not a worry in the world.  Adult life is rough...responsibility is rough and just keeping a job these days is rough.  In times like these the last thing a guy needs is a fascist Nazi perfectionist with OCD's pushing his zero tolerance policies on you.  These are tough times and basically...people should be judged on honesty as well as merit.  But thank the lord ...I am breathing.  I have my wife and I have my comics,toys,blogs and can still hold a pencil...Happy blogging folks.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Giant size Man-Thing

Here is a Gallery of some of my favorite Man-Thing comics...the regular series was great but these Giant sized issues hold a special place in my heart.  Mike Ploog, John Buscema,Gil Kane,Frank Brunner put out just some great untouched perfect story telling in these macabre tales of astonishing suspense and fear.  The King of the Macabre for this era was definately Mike Ploog whose work is timeless.  His work goes without saying as the greatest.  He was the man when it came to the macabre.  His work today shows no signs of any change or slowing down. He has a project coming out called GOLIATH...a giant white gorilla story...I can't wait for it to see print. Enjoy...the macabre renderings of THE MAN -THING