Saturday, May 26, 2012

"HULK SMASH" Avengers #1

Recently , due the the release of the SMASH blockbuster " Marvel's The Avengers " A comic book mini series was released on the unsuspecting public. Four issues of Gamma radiated action! My favorite of the bunch was the first issue. A fantastic dynamic cover by Lee Weeks and interiors by Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema. Now........this is what comic art should look like in my humble opinion. The storyline and the art were just like an old 70's book. Aside from the different speech pattern they have HULK spouting. He does not have that old Tarzan , Tonto and Frankenstein pantameter going on. He's forming entire sentences. Then the idea that HULK had been hiding the fact that he was smart all along...if you read closely.

But all I can say is out of the entire series the first issue is the best and I highly recommend picking this up and reading it...Besides the covers by Lee Weeks are simply gorgeous!

Here check out the first few pages of the comic book and enjoy.

Disclaimer : The art and images from this write up are owned by Marvel comics and I in no way benefit from or make money by blogging and reviewing comics and posting art in a SHARED platform on my blogs.