Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The Phantom zone mini- series by Steve Gerber , Gene Colan and Tony Dezuniga…
Shortly after Superman 2 came out and introduced the world to Zod and his Criminal comrades DC comics brought us the Phantom Zone Mini- series. Penciled by Gene Colan and written by Steve Gerber . I was on y way to Florida to visit my Grand- parents…the wait at the airport was horrible for an antsy 14 year old. I found a newsstand and begged my Father to buy me a couple of comic books….One was a Warlord comic book by Mike Grell and the other..PHANTOM ZONE number one. I read both comics and bought the follow up issues as they came out. All I can say is Genes style was different than I’d seen anyone ever on Superman before. I liked it and thought he did a damned good Supes.
There is something eye catching about the way an artist works out his figures and compositions. Cartooning is in and of itself another art form altogether. Sure portrait artists and illustrators get a photo realistic quality and attention to detail down to perfection….but a cartoonist? A few black and white lines on paper and some well placed spotted black ink blobs and you got a comic book. I’m always going to remember this comic book series and what it meant to me during that period of my life.

Monday, June 27, 2011

JAWS 2 - ( with Bob Larkin cover ) Gene Colan art

I remember my Mom taking me to see JAWS 2 ..I had no idea it was out. My Dad worked nights as a truck driver and I guess Mom needed to get out so she said c'mon we're going to a Movie....I have to say..Roy Scheider is the man...I met him at an airport about 6 years ago. He was dressed exactly like Chief Brody..."I said Hello Sir..Don't mean to bother you , but I am a big fan and I just want to say Hi! " He looked at me a little puzzled and said " Hi " I said " Have a nice day " and was on my way...at the baggage carousel I minded my own business and so did he. I hope it was not too unpleasant an experience.

The interiors of this comic book were by Gene Colon and Tom Palmer...it is actually refreshingly breathtaking artwork. If you skip on over to DIVERSIONS OF THE GROOVY KIND you can read the entire book. I guess this post is an Homage to the Memory of Mom taking me to a Movie and to Roy...and Gene.

Hopefully if I get to Florida me and Mom will take in another movie. That'll be cool.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Iron Man / Sub-Mariner one shot!

Sparodically during this week I will put up different covers drawn by Gene Colan who recently left this world and went off to the great big Bullpen in the sky. This cover particularly is my favorite Gene cover...it's very dynamic and has two of my favorite super heroes on one titanic cover. Right after this comic book came out Subby and Iron man were given their very own monthly titles. Of which Gene drew the cover of Iron Man number one....I got this comic book at a convention in NYC for 10 bucks....a great deal in my eyes being as I believe it to be in VG condition. Legendary stuff.

More about ME!

I don't think I've gone on about myself enough yet so I'm going to show you a couple of things that practically saved my life. I wrote that story I showed you the rough breakdowns to in the previous post right? Well here are a couple of inked color studies I did as cover ideas for the story. I think I should mention that working on these two pieces saved my life. I was suicidal at the time and it brought me back to reality and woke my ass up. A long time ago the girl of my dreams , love of my life broke my heart. It sent me into a debilitating catatonic depression for almost 3 years...( 2 years 7 months ) This contributed to my never attending the third year at the KUBERT school...That and Debbie Kubert misplaced my loan applications and they never got submitted to the bank on time. ( Bitch )...But yeah...One day after reading Stephen Kings PET SEMATARY ...I promptly started to draw out that CONAN story and then work on the covers...when I was done , I was back among the living. Hope you enjoyed my little tale and my drawings. These are two of MY OWN favorite covers.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A brief history of a comic artist wannabe...

This one I drew yesterday...it's a mock up of an imaginary CONAN comic drawn by me.

This one is from today actually 6/22/11...just noodling around with a sharpie....

This I believe is from 1990...from an entire 32 page story I wrote and drew...it's pencil roughs. Conan breaks out of his cell and has to slay a dozen guards.

THIS...I believe is from when I was 15 years old...a little montage of CONAN BADASSEDNESS!!!

This I do believe is a splash page from that story I wrote...The first guy he kills after he breaks out of his cell....

It started when I was maybe 5. I'd take some loose leaf paper and fold it in half and make home made mini comics. By the time I was 15 I thought I was something else and by the time I was 20 I thought I was a superstar...I imagined myself another FRAZETTA ( I share a Birthday with Frazetta , Feb 9th ) , John Buscema or Joe Kubert....I was far away from those Masters...but I did have some..some talent I say. It was there.

I went to the Kubert school and wasted my life and time and savings in my first two years. I was not serious at all. ( I thought I was the shit. ) I was going to be a Superstar...they were going to hear the name "DeStasio" and think...CONAN...I had CONAN on the brain and my class mates all used to mock me and make fun but I was unscathed by their ignorant witty barbs.

( Can you imagine if I'd paid attention in class and did my assignments ) Me neither lol.

Here are some samplings of my work from the time I was 15...to just as recently as yesterday.

I had the time of my life at the Kubert school and mey some of the greatest pro's and had the honor of being taught by modern comic book masters of the time. I met some of the greatest dudes there too....would not change a thing ( Except my ambition ) But I'm not done.

I don't work in comics but I do follow them these days. I like what I see and I love what DARK HORSE is doing with CONAN...I can't wait for CONAN the movie to come out....This is my blog and it's all about me. So...here are a few of my personal favorites

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


With the ground?....

Or without?....You tell me. Feedback anyone?

Here is an unlikely pairing. I was browsing the web looking for images of SUPERMAN because I have in mind to get a new Tattoo. SUPERMAN.... ( along with a RED SONJA and an AC/DC tattoo. ) I came across this image of Supes by the great and legendary Neal Adams. While looking at it an idea popped into my head. Using the image of CONAN by John Buscema that I have as a tattoo on my right arm...I threw together this little mash up..TEAM UP. "Voila" instant favorite cover. "lol" Now I wish it were in color.

Monday, June 13, 2011

HULK reinterpretations

While we are on the subject of classic reinterpretations take a look here at cool Wonder Woman piece by Phil Winslade...then onto a NEW rendition of an old ICONIC image by JIM STERANKO. I just love when guys redo covers. When I see obvious nods to classic covers I love it. Especially when it's a reinterpretation of one of my absolute favorite covers of all time.

Check out the original then take a gander at the reinterpretations. I love comic books and comic art and Jim Steranko drew one of My Favorite covers...of all time!!!