Saturday, June 25, 2011

More about ME!

I don't think I've gone on about myself enough yet so I'm going to show you a couple of things that practically saved my life. I wrote that story I showed you the rough breakdowns to in the previous post right? Well here are a couple of inked color studies I did as cover ideas for the story. I think I should mention that working on these two pieces saved my life. I was suicidal at the time and it brought me back to reality and woke my ass up. A long time ago the girl of my dreams , love of my life broke my heart. It sent me into a debilitating catatonic depression for almost 3 years...( 2 years 7 months ) This contributed to my never attending the third year at the KUBERT school...That and Debbie Kubert misplaced my loan applications and they never got submitted to the bank on time. ( Bitch )...But yeah...One day after reading Stephen Kings PET SEMATARY ...I promptly started to draw out that CONAN story and then work on the covers...when I was done , I was back among the living. Hope you enjoyed my little tale and my drawings. These are two of MY OWN favorite covers.

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