Monday, June 27, 2011

JAWS 2 - ( with Bob Larkin cover ) Gene Colan art

I remember my Mom taking me to see JAWS 2 ..I had no idea it was out. My Dad worked nights as a truck driver and I guess Mom needed to get out so she said c'mon we're going to a Movie....I have to say..Roy Scheider is the man...I met him at an airport about 6 years ago. He was dressed exactly like Chief Brody..."I said Hello Sir..Don't mean to bother you , but I am a big fan and I just want to say Hi! " He looked at me a little puzzled and said " Hi " I said " Have a nice day " and was on my the baggage carousel I minded my own business and so did he. I hope it was not too unpleasant an experience.

The interiors of this comic book were by Gene Colon and Tom is actually refreshingly breathtaking artwork. If you skip on over to DIVERSIONS OF THE GROOVY KIND you can read the entire book. I guess this post is an Homage to the Memory of Mom taking me to a Movie and to Roy...and Gene.

Hopefully if I get to Florida me and Mom will take in another movie. That'll be cool.

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