Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A brief history of a comic artist wannabe...

This one I drew's a mock up of an imaginary CONAN comic drawn by me.

This one is from today actually 6/22/11...just noodling around with a sharpie....

This I believe is from 1990...from an entire 32 page story I wrote and's pencil roughs. Conan breaks out of his cell and has to slay a dozen guards.

THIS...I believe is from when I was 15 years old...a little montage of CONAN BADASSEDNESS!!!

This I do believe is a splash page from that story I wrote...The first guy he kills after he breaks out of his cell....

It started when I was maybe 5. I'd take some loose leaf paper and fold it in half and make home made mini comics. By the time I was 15 I thought I was something else and by the time I was 20 I thought I was a superstar...I imagined myself another FRAZETTA ( I share a Birthday with Frazetta , Feb 9th ) , John Buscema or Joe Kubert....I was far away from those Masters...but I did have some..some talent I say. It was there.

I went to the Kubert school and wasted my life and time and savings in my first two years. I was not serious at all. ( I thought I was the shit. ) I was going to be a Superstar...they were going to hear the name "DeStasio" and think...CONAN...I had CONAN on the brain and my class mates all used to mock me and make fun but I was unscathed by their ignorant witty barbs.

( Can you imagine if I'd paid attention in class and did my assignments ) Me neither lol.

Here are some samplings of my work from the time I was just as recently as yesterday.

I had the time of my life at the Kubert school and mey some of the greatest pro's and had the honor of being taught by modern comic book masters of the time. I met some of the greatest dudes there too....would not change a thing ( Except my ambition ) But I'm not done.

I don't work in comics but I do follow them these days. I like what I see and I love what DARK HORSE is doing with CONAN...I can't wait for CONAN the movie to come out....This is my blog and it's all about me. are a few of my personal favorites

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  1. "I'd take some loose leaf paper and fold it in half and make home made mini comics" Ah, the good ol' days!

    fun illustrations!