Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Number 8 - an ICONIC image

This cover by Neal Adams personifies Superman in so many ways I don't even need to explain.  Neal Adams came in to the comic book industry and took the world by storm.  His contributions to the field and to the artists and his colleagues alike go without saying.  This cover I am proud to repeat is by Neal Adams!

MY TOP 10 favorite covers number 9

This one makes my top 10 because this cover creates curiosity.  " Why is Superman so mad "  I remember seeing this on the rack and seeing Supes take up half the cover always struck me as cool.  Smashing the world between his mighty fisks of steel...it's just cool.  This cover is a Swanderson..Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson

Sunday, October 24, 2010

TOP 10 favorite covers - Number TEN!

It's time...I have the very tough task of picking out my 10 top favorite covers of all time.  It's a tough call as I am easily pleased and love so very many pieces of art on the covers of  hundreds perhaps thousands of  comic books. 
  Right here coming in @ number 10 is Amazing Spider-man # 138..the reason?  ZOMBIES!!!  Spidey is overcome by a group of mind controlled college age zombies.  The creepiest villain I've ever seen the Mind worm can control people through his telekinetic powers...dozens all at one time.  A very impressive super power.  The hardest part about this is Spidey can't hurt them as they are innocent and under mind control but they're trying to rip him apart and kill him.  Great story....love it on so many levels.
Cover by Gil Kane and John Romita.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Whaling Michael Whalen Kull and the barbarians

There are 3 great reasons to like this cover !  RED SONJA , KULL and SOLOMON KANE!!!  All on one cover?  WOW!!!  Michael Whalen really put together a nice composition here involving 3 of Robert E. Howard's greatest creations on 1 cover.
cover by Michael Whalen.

KULL # 2

I was hooked.  The story was an amazing Howard adaptation with art by John Severin..Kaa naa maa lajerama!!!  Look at KULL throwing those evil snake bastards around like so much rag dolls!!!


Part John Carter and part Ka-zar SKULL the slayer was everything you'd want from an action adventure comic book. A brawny hero stronger than anyone and DINOSAURS..this cover is a KANE and CHAN!


This cover might be one of my all time favorites being it's got CONAN and KA-ZAR w/ZABU.  Savage tales was one of the better Marvel b/w mags of the day.  With the great artists that regularly worked on the mag it stood out among the other mags on the racks @ the time.  Warren was still pumping out stuff on a regular basis and Marvel joined in and offered up stiff competition in the "MIGHTY MARVEL MANNER"
Cover by Neal Adams

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I had this comic as a kid...I loved western movies and the idea of western comics was not lost on me. I loved TWO GUN - KID COLT - RAWHIDE - LONE RANGER - BILLY - RINGO...I can keep on going. This particular Rawhide Kid cover sparked my imagination and made me think back to all of those fight scenes in the movies where the Hero fights the bad guy Indian who would not give up and they had to have a knife fight in a river and the Hero triumphed as his defeated opponent bobbed unmoving in the water.

This cover I do believe was drawn by Larry Lieber....Stan the Man's Brother.

included in the post is my recreation of the piece....indeed one of my favorite covers.


Do I really gotta explain?  It's Frank Frazetta!

Monday, October 11, 2010


This comic book I distinctly remember buying at a news stand on Nassau road in Roosevelt NY when I was 8 years old.  I was given a 25 cent allowance and I remember seeing it 2 days before I got my allowance and could not wait to go get it.  I had to walk 2 blocks to get to that news stand and there were many times I would get beat up by neighborhood bullies.  But I wanted this comic book and I braved the 2 blocks risking a beating.  I got my comic and I got home safe.  On that day I learned how to pronounce and spell the word
"Stomach"...see?  Reading comics is educational.  Not entirely sure who drew this cover but I have a feeling GIL KANE may have been the penciller.
Upon staring at the drawing for a long time I have come to the conclusion that this cover was drawn by Herb Trimpe..judging by the fists , feet and knees and inked by Jazzy John Romita judging by the feathering technique used throughout the piece.  Any thoughts?

Sunday, October 3, 2010


One for the ages.  Who is stronger?  This is one cool story.  It has it all and this cover is probably one of the best VS covers of all time.  Being that Cap has the strength of HERCULES and being that SUPES is said to be a HERCULES in strength this battle could go on for years.  I'm digging all the guest stars as well.
All wrapped up in a nifty Rich Buckler and Dick Giordano cover.

Friday, October 1, 2010


I was looking for more of these Thought factory posters on Ebay and ran across this one and yes..they're very expensive.

Rare Super posters from the 70's

Rare super posters from the 70's....

A loooong time ago.there was a company called the thought factorywho produced super hero posters.  The posters are tough to come by these days and are highly sought after as collectibles.  Now while this particular blog is mainly about my favorite comic book covers I had to post these somewhere so here is as good a place as any.  BUT...the HULK is on some of my favorite covers as is Superman and THOR...lol
"See how I worked that in?"  All in the same spirit of my favorite covers.  I had that Superman poster and it was one of my favorite posters.