Monday, January 31, 2011

My favorite LUKE CAGE ~ POWERMAN covers

He started out as a Hero for hire then worked his way into his own title then he became a member of the FANTASTIC FOUR and to this day is among my pantheon of Heroes from the 1970's....Check out these cool..favorite covers from his early days before he became just CAGE...a guy with jeans and a t-shirt. One of the best super hero creations ever and he wore a pretty cool costume too. A combination of street clothes and super hero duds..the chain the head band the gauntlet cuffs the boots....the flipped up collared shirt. COME ON MAN!!! That was a cool design.
But...they changed it and ruined an otherwise very cool character with a distinctive look.
Anyway...I took these pics from around the web...because once again. I don't own a scanner and am not bringing my comics to work to scan them they'll get ruined. But I do own copies of these and I treat my comics with care.
The first issue 's cover was drawn by John Romita and # 17 was by Gil Kane and I do believe the artist on the covers for the other issues are done by the series early issues interior artist and another legendary icon of the 1970's
Billy Graham... No not the preacher and the not the SUPERSTAR pro wrestler.
a man of the same name and of equal historical importance in my eyes. ENJOY!!!


  1. I loved Luke Cage too. Billy Graham did some great covers and some terrific interior art on a few issues. Then he just kinda disappeared from the comics scene. Anyone know what happened to him?

  2. He passed away in 1999
    - Mike D