Wednesday, February 2, 2011


What? Yeah that's right back in the 70's they gave the HUMAN TORCH his own comic and he had to split the bill...with the HUMAN TORCH..seeing two TORCHES on one cover having a fire ball fight....WOW. I bought this comic off the spinner rack at 7-11 in Amityville NY when I was a kid and went back to my Uncles house and sat on his big old screen porch and sat in a wicker rocking chair slurping on my Grape Slurpee and had the time of my life ..during the best time of my life. My that I would not trade or change for all the money in the world if it were possible. Seeing this comic book literally drags me back by force to when I was 9 or 10 and makes me relive my youth. This about DYNAMIC ....the building the by-standers below the action..the TORCHES! That is what comics were all about...youth and imagination. You know what? Never in all my years as a comic book reader did I want to light myslef on fire to be like one of my favorite Super Heroes. NEVER and as I recall no one else has ever even done it. 70 years with the HUMAN TORCH in our lives and DISNEY has to go ruin it all with this far fetched idea that kids will try to immolate themselves in order to emulate the TORCH. BULLSHIT I say... DISNEY're stupider than stupid if you think kids are that dumb.

Remember back when DAN AKROYD made fun of that on SNL? He did that because the idea of it was stupid and he himself was actually representing DISNEY at the time and he did not know it. A bag of greasy rags and a lighter...please. lol. Trust are not that dumb. It's a little thing called imagination. You people at DISNEY over there at MOUSESHWITZ really need to get your heads out of your butts. Of all the ridiculous anal retentive nonsense.

With all that being said. I have my memories and I have my childhood. You can't kill that.

This cover I am not really sure who drew it. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.

I heard it might be Sal Buscema and John Romita inks...from looking at the figure work.
Looking forward to finding out if anyone knows
for sure.

Have fun see you in the funnies, :)


  1. Mike, Marvel Database lists John Romita as cover artist. He definitely had a hand or two in this, I´d say. Cheers!

  2. Then I will go with what Paul Kupperberg told me.
    Sal Buscema and John Romita.

  3. Hmmm, I'm definitely seeing Sal Buscema in the posing, but I'm not seeing the usual slickness of Romita's inks. Looks more like, maybe Jim Mooney or some other stalwart Marvel inker.

  4. Looking at the background figures and the anatomical tendencies by comparison to all we mentioned so far....I believe Larry Lieber drew the cover. It is quite possible the very capable and talented SAL....may have inked this.