Wednesday, February 2, 2011


As a young boy of about 9 or 10 I was given an allowance and every week ( 50 whole cents ) I'd go to the store and buy comics. I collected Marvel Team up because I loved to see Spider man along side some other stupendous hero , fighting bad guys.

This particular week When I found this issue of TEAM UP I saw the HUMAN TORCH. Inside was one of the coolest stories I'd ever read. It kind of spooked me a little but that is why I liked it...I was spooked...moved..thrilled. The TORCH was sporting a red costume which I thought was pretty darned cool. I had a smattering of FF comics and in those he wore blue. I later found out that he was in the FF books in his red costume. To me...Johnny Storm was and is one of the best and greatest characters Marvel ever created. Even though the HUMAN TORCH was basically Marvels first character along with KA-ZAR and the SUB-MARINER and they all appeared in MARVEL COMICS # 1 together...Only NAMOR remained as the same incarnation.

KA-ZAR and the TORCH became revamped heroes. But still as great.

This cover is by Gil Kane.

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  1. From the sign off's on the side I believe this issue was inked by Al Milgrom.