Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DC comics Notebooks and school supplies

I found the ACTION COMICS notebook and folder while wandering around in Target waiting for the Pharmacy to fill a scrip for my son who happens to be sick. While I was there I searched for the other notebooks but found only folders with the Wonder Woman and the Batman covers...I searched really hard for the JLA cover but alas it was a fruitless effort. I will hit another Target and see if I don't have better luck. The folders are only 99 cents and the notebooks are a Dollar 99. I provided scans of the backs of the WW , Batman and Action folders. There were some Green Lantern items there but...I was never really that big of a GL fan. So I passed them up.

I remember as a kid Marvel had the market on Notebooks , folders , binders and school supplies

I had a Spiderman folder a Captain America binder and a Fantastic four notebook all depicting classic marvel comics covers...similar to what this company is doing with the DC comics covers.

While looking for these notebooks and folders I felt like a 12 year old all over again. That's why I do it...that is what all this super hero stuff is all about a simpler more innocent time of my life.

Back then I did not have a child or any other monumentally normal and tedious repsonsibilities like getting up at 5:45 to go to work........EVERY DAY.

So for the sake of temporarily reliving my childhood for even the briefest moment...it's all worth it to me. Enjoy..."Oh BTW the ACTION COMICS number 419 with the Neal Adams/Murphy Anderson cover happens to be one of my favorite comic book covers."


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  2. NO I did not have them. I don't believe I'd ever seen them. But if you have images you'd like to share I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for the compliment on me' blog...I don't get a lot of traffic...or even many comments on this one...but I do have 4 other very popular blogs. Red Sonja , CROM , Mighty Blog of Hercules and SHANNA the she devil blogger...check them out too if you like.