Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Final issue of CAP...PERFECT.

I have always been a CAP fan and one of my favorite bits of history revolving around him is the creation of the fiftie's Cap... a man who idolized Steve Rogers so much he went to great lengths to become CAPTAIN AMERICA....The 1970's storyline where they pretty much introduced him in order to explain why there were CAP comics in the 50's was brilliant.
    He popped up in the comic from time to time and the last we heard from him he'd been shot by BUCKY AMERICA and fell off the Hoover dam.  They never recovered his body.  I knew he was still around.
   With the advent of NEW Marvel titles popping up it was decided to end the current run of course.  So they could start all over with a number one. Sure enough in the final issue written by Ed Brubaker and illustrated by artistic phenom Steve Epting they wrapped up the last chapter of the Captain America of the 1950's.

I knew right from the start what was going on when I saw Steve Rogers...or someone who looks like him laying in a hospital bed.  Then they continue the story with some action as CAP ( 50's CAP ) foils the plans of some Evil clowns robbing a train.  The moment I saw him land with a crunch on top of that train I knew it was him ( William Burnside )  When it's all over Steve Rogers crashes the party and Burnside runs in a panic right in front of a speeding truck.  Which is why he ends up in the hospital.  What follows is one of the greatest wrap up stories along with a history of CAP depicted in the most entertaining manner.  From Steve's point of view.
   I still hope that with rehabilitation and guidance Burnside can actually become a Shield agent or some other Patriotic hero.  He's too great a character not to use again. 

   Do yourselves a favor an go out and get this issue and read it 12 times in row like I did.  It's a great story.  I love it.