Friday, December 3, 2010


This was kind of a tough one. Joe has done dozens of Savage Sword covers and choosing a top 10 was not easy. The covers I chose were due to some aspect of the composition or perhaps a facial expression or a pose or maybe it reminded me in some ways of someone elses work...Like FRAZETTA or JOHN BUSCEMA. Nevertheless I have chosen 10 covers solely for your entertainment. Joe Jusko's work is a brilliant display of talent and imagination. After all how many times can one paint CONAN? He's on a horse or he's swinging an axe or he's grabbing a girl or he's hurling some lout or he's just posing with a sword. Joe found a way each and every time to make his painting brilliant in some form or fashion.
I met Joe at a convention in NYC in 1991. He was just hanging out standing near a wall with his arms folded and I asked him to sign my SILVER SURFER graphic novel by John Buscema...Joe Painted the cover ( The one where each and every page was a splash page ) He said " If I sign it the book is going to be devalued. " I said " signing the book is worth more to me " He smiled and signed the book. I shook his hand thrilled and ecstatic and went on my merry way to convene with my KUBERT school Pals
The dude is cool. He's just a nice guy....who the hell would care if my book was devalued?
I still have that book and all the other sketches and signed comics I got from all the artists who attended the CON that day.
After these favorite JUSKO SS covers I will move on to my top 10 OTHER THAN CONAN JUSKO covers.
But each and every time I look at a CONAN cover painted by JOE....I can Imagine what he'd look like if he were a real life flesh and blood person. I can also see what it may have looked like if JOE were painting over a BIG JOHN drawing. look at these covers and enjoy. Finding quality copies on line to swipe was tough.
But I was not hauling my SAVAGE SWORD collection into work just to scan some comics for a blog. I think maybe it's time I got a scanner at
art by JOE JUSKO


  1. I was so young, early to mid 20's when these were painted. Seems like yesterday though. Wow.

  2. What you said on FACEBOOK , About the art holding up...when you didn't know that much about painting.
    If you did not know how to paint then it's beyond me...( it is really ,lol ) how you did this great stuff. Great work Joe. You should have a coffee table book with your CONAN art..all JOE all CONAN!!! I know that'd be a big seller!!!