Wednesday, February 2, 2011


When you define what makes a good or great drawing or cover you have to use your imagination and when you here the word DYNAMIC usually you think of JACK KIRBY...Jack not only helped to make Marvel comics what it is today he also drew almost all the comics being sold by Marvel in the 60's at one time. This guys rate per day was incredible...he was pumping out comic book pages like crazy. One book after the next after the next. No loss of quality or workmanship either. Look at this cover....the tones the poses the action the waves and the flames.....two elemental forces facing one another in the dog fight of the century. Back in the 40's pitting the TORCH and SUBBY against each other was an event. This here match different. It was an event and this classic STRANGE TALES cover just shows you that nobody...but NOBODY can claim the mantle of Kirby.
Cover by Jack Kirby.

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