Wednesday, November 24, 2010


What how or why I like CONAN so much I can't answer I just do. CONAN is a man's man. He does everything for himself. He owes no one nothing and he takes what he wants when he wants including women's.

He has an indomnitable will and great strength. When he wants something done he just does it himself. These could be the reasons I like CONAN.

I had read TARZAN novels as a kid and discovered a few years later that CONAN also had some books out there. I got a hold of some ( Frazetta covers ) and read them...that was it I was hooked. REH's stories blended adventure , suspense and horror. Once I began to read I was hooked. It totally sent me in another direction completely as a teen. By 15 I wanted to draw comics and I wanted to do CONAN comics! I don't draw CONAN comics but I still dabble in art and draw when I have time.

John Buscema is my ultimate favorite artist for CONAN but everyone else who has ever done a CONAN comic book I am jealous of ( Laughing out loud ).

The truth is...I am not as good as I could be...( does that make sense ) I have the skill but I have absolutely zero patience. I can't sit and draw. I can't sit and do much for very long.
Maybe some over the counter drugs would have helped me focus...maybe booze who knows.
But I was not destined to draw comic books. As much as I wanted to I did not have it in me.
This comic book I got for Christmas when I was 15.
I still have it.....and I will ....always. Interiors and cover art by Barry Smith..or as he likes...BARRY WINDSOR SMITH. Whichever....he is certainly entitled. He earned it!

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  1. I think I should clarify. This top ten list is not in any specific order. Any one of these comics could be the number one they all are the number one spot at the same time. Like children I love them all the same.
    Comic books defined me...they educated me and foremost they taught me good guys and bad guys.
    I liken the good guys of course.