Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MY TOP 10 number 7 - " Special Marvel edition # 3 "

Actually a reprinting of the cover of "Journey into Mystery # 123 "
I am not really sure if it's a redrawn cover or if it's been cut and pasted but you can see the differences in the art...the floating heads are now framed in circles and the stones in the foreground have shifted a bit...the cape has been drawn very differently and THOR'S mighty right foot isn't covered by rubble but JACK KIRBY really smashed this one out of the park.
This is one of the first comic books I remember buying from the old BAY SHORE flea market.
It used to be an old GRUMMAN production hangar but when grumman sold off the buildings a roller rink made it's home in one bldg and across the highway the FLEA MARKET was a staple in BAY SHORE....until they tore it down and put up a strip mall. On that site now you'll find BEST BUY , TOY'S R US and a HOME DEPOT and a bunch of other irrelevant and superfluos stores that deserve no honorable mention.
I remember going in there and looking for old THOR and TARZAN comics and I would ask the you have any more JOE KUBERT or JACK KIRBY comics? I was 10 but I think the guy hated me because he was never very helpful. He was probably thinking..." What the heck does this brat know about JACK KIRBY? "
KIRBY was the KING..the Babe Ruth of COMIC BOOKS...MARVEL is the HOUSE that JACK KIRBY built.
Cover by...JACK KIRBY!

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  1. They tore down the roller rink last year and put up a ladies GYM. Not many landmarks left on SUNRISE in BAYSHORE any more.