Sunday, November 28, 2010

THE BIG 3 ....

CAP , SUBBY and the TORCH!!! 3 of Marvel's very first characters were back in a comic book series set in the time of the WW II.

I of course at the time had no idea that these guys were in comics together in the 1940's until I bought the comic and read on.

Seeing them puching out Nazi bad guys and fly through the air together created an awe and thrill that can't be beat. I bought this comic right off the rack at 7-11...because it had CAP on the cover. Anything that had CAPTAIN AMERICA in it was on my must read list as CAP is my first and foremost favorite comic book super hero.

This JOHN ROMITA cover captured the essense of how a super team ripped through the enemy for a flawless victory everytime!


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