Thursday, November 18, 2010

TOP 10 - # 5 ....SGT. ROCK - 1976

In my early days as a comic book collector I used to look at the art intently mesmerised by the use of pen and ink. When I found WAR comics and SGT ROCK it added a new element to comic books I'd never seen before.
It was about a year and a half after we'd moved from Roosevelt NY to Bayshore. I had not yet ventured out on my bike to go find comic books! ONE day I had developed the nerve. I headed up to a little strip mall that had an ASSOCIATED super market.

I remembered those beatings I had gotten from the neighborhood kids when I lived in Roosevelt and I was cautious as I headed off to the store with my allowance. I was in a new town and I made it to the store without any altercations. I went in. BEHOLD!!! A spinner rack loaded with comics....WOW...this selection was better than the candy store back in Roosevelt.

So I spun the rack...hmm...what to buy? What's this? SGT ROCK!!! RED WHITE AND BLUE!!! ARMY COMICS!!! I discovered a new brand of comic. This comic book represents my independance and it also represents a time in my life where things were from from bullies and FREE to go where I want when I want and not worry about getting trounced. It was a simple time of life for me. This cover was drawn by the master .... JOE KUBERT!

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  1. What hooked me most about this cover was JOE KUBERT. I liked TARZAN and I saw his name on the cover I bought the comic just to see what else he was doing.
    From there on it was a learning experience.