Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TOP 10 # 4 - Prince vs Prince! SUBBY # 59 !

What can I say about this one. It has two of my favorite Marvel heroes going toe to toe blow for blow!

I was in second grade when I came across this comic book. A friend had it in class one day and I had to have it. I made believe I had no interest in it and I befriended the kid. just so I can see what other comic book goodies he had. I went to his house to play catch and we'd throw the foot ball around and then his Mother made us some lunch and then we played with our MEGO action figures on his swing set and then I'd go home. I kept this up for a couple of months all the while coveting his comic book.

THEN one day I went to his house and I had some baseball cards with me. I did not like nor did I collect baseball cards how I wound up with the cards I don't remember but in my little stack of about 40 cards wrapped up with a rubber band was a TOM SEAVER, NY METS card

and he wanted it. He needed it and he begged and pleaded and wanted to trade anything for it.

So I made a deal with him. I gave him all the cards for all his comics. In that pile was the much sought after and coveted SUB MARINER number 59! There were also a bunch of other great comics too. Legion , Spidey , Cap , Sgt Fury , Avengers , Bat man and so on. I definately got the better bargain in the trade in my opinion.

The kids name was Jimmy and he moved to Florida soon after. But not before managing to get that comic book! It was a great story too!

Cover by Bill Everett...I do believe it's a Gene Colon and Bill Everett. Not really sure of the penciller...but those inks...That's WILD BILL!

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