Sunday, November 28, 2010

DANGER - DINOSAURS ~ Catain Comet!!!

As a kid I'd spent a lot of times in the hospital with kidney issues I'd say in my first 14 years of life I was in the Hosptal 11 times. If I remember right they were about 2 week long stays. I was on IV's and under observation for kidney failure and I was on prednisone an oral steroid just to keep my kidney's functioning.

It was a crummy time everytime I was in there because I just had this gross sick feeling all the time. BUT....there were times that made up for the lousy sick feeling. Like when my parents would bring me a new comic book or 2 and then all my troubles worries and cares would fly away as I'd get lost in the comic book.
This comic book right here was my favorite for a long time...who the heck was CAPTAIN COMET?
Why does he remind me of SUPERMAN and WOW he's punching a T-REX in the face!
I can't recall right now but I believe that Dino-man there's name was T-REX and he was trying to take over the world with a Dino-army

CAPTAIN COMET came along and foiled his plans. Yep..I read it a bunch of times until the cover came off and can't remember much about it right now but I know I loved it. I would stare at this cover for hours and it made me feel better.

Cover by Rich Buckler and Joe Rubenstein.

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  1. A few years ago I found this comic book after like 30 years of having never seeing it again.
    I bought it for old times sake. 25 bucks brought me back to a time in my life when I was not so happy and as happy as can be all at once.