Friday, November 26, 2010

TOP 10 # 2...MAN-BAT!!!!

Probably one of the coolest macabre characters in comic books is Man-Bat. He's a Were BAT!

He transforms into a giant BAT MAN. WHAT IS COOLER?

What warrants this cover as an all time fave? The building...a haunted looking castle type structure, MAN BAT - he's flying at Bat's all menacing like and BATMAN himself walking on his batline.

At first ( I bought this comic off the rack at the newstand in Roosevelt ) I was scared and afraid of him but after reading the comic book...I feel bad for Man Bat...he's a sympathetic character.

As much as I love BATMAN and want him to catch the bad guy. I always root for MAN BAT to get away.

This cover was drawn by the late great JIM APARO...who in my opinion is probably THE greatest BATMAN artist ever. Everyone else is a close second

Cover by Jim Aparo

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