Sunday, October 24, 2010

TOP 10 favorite covers - Number TEN!

It's time...I have the very tough task of picking out my 10 top favorite covers of all time.  It's a tough call as I am easily pleased and love so very many pieces of art on the covers of  hundreds perhaps thousands of  comic books. 
  Right here coming in @ number 10 is Amazing Spider-man # 138..the reason?  ZOMBIES!!!  Spidey is overcome by a group of mind controlled college age zombies.  The creepiest villain I've ever seen the Mind worm can control people through his telekinetic powers...dozens all at one time.  A very impressive super power.  The hardest part about this is Spidey can't hurt them as they are innocent and under mind control but they're trying to rip him apart and kill him.  Great it on so many levels.
Cover by Gil Kane and John Romita.

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