Monday, March 25, 2013


What if Captain America were brainwashed by the Red Skull in WWII.  Who would bring him in?
Well in true elseworlds style the best man for the job would be SGT ROCK. 
The premise is while under the influence of the Red Skull Cap killed Nick Fury and the only logical recourse would be to bring in SGT ROCK.  I was in a mood...felt like drawing so I imagined this scenario.  I cold swiped both images and squared off Cap against Sarge in a battel of the All star Americans.  I'm hoping to do the full mock up on this cover...soon.  I'll keep ya posted


  1. That is a really good idea for a 'What If' comic. I already have it half written in my head.

  2. And to boot...there was a Red Skull brainwashes Cap story back in the early the scenario fits...I too have it written in my brain. The image of Rock not giving up after Cap beats and pounds on him goes through my head. No matter how severe the beating Rock gets up...shaken but not down and out. Then while Cap is on his high horse he cries out..." Go ahead take your best shot!!! " with a resounding blow he cold cocks Cap into unconscienceness...when Cap comes to the RED SKULL'S spell is broken by ROCKS blow...classic Crossover team up stuff here man!