Friday, March 4, 2011

My favorite LONE RANGER covers

# 24
# 95

When I was about 11 my Dad took me out for a hair-cut at a flea market. This place was an old Department store in West Islip NY. It was called HAMPTONS. It was right next to KORVETTES later on that place also went under and then that place became KEY LARGO a night club that had country line dancing and live country music acts like Kenny Rogers and Willie Nelson. Then that place became CHEVY'S Bel-air cafe..a dance club that was a highly successful meat market. Like if you ever were in the mood to get laid you can go there and hump my ex-fiance...that sssslut. Anyway....When it was still an indoor Flea market My Dad took me for a hair cut there. Some dude set up a little closed in and very claustrophobic barber shop all the way in the back left rear corner of the Place. That's where I got my HULK poster I mention in an earlier post. As I told you all once before most of the comics here on this blog are moments in time frozen in my mind forever. The Gold Key reprint marked as the LONE RANGER # 24 was in the barber shop among all the magazines. I was captivated by the painted cover and would just stare at it for long periods of time. The hot air balloon the situational action occuring it was certainly a great way to spark a kids imagination. It was a while before I had ever come across another LONE RANGER book and number 95 was it. I love the way this fella painted the Ranger....he looks like Robert Culp ( rest in peace Bob ) I found # 95 at a little comic shop in Deer Park NY called the World of Fantasy ( No it was no a porn store ) They sold comics. It was more than likely my very first 10 cent book added into my collection ever. I still have these comics....and I love them. These two comics are my favorite LONE RANGER comic covers.

If anyone can clue me in to who the artists are I sure would appreciate it.

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