Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A little recreational side job.

Theres a Blog I follow called..."The Brave and the Bold the lost issues."  I enjoy the work that ROSS the author of the blog puts into each and every faux/mock imaginary team up cover he posts.  It reminded me of a time when comics were much simpler and the trade of graphic art was more....dare I say?  Artistic.
    Simple pencil drawings with black and white line art and the 4 color process all wrapped up in one story.
These days comics are a bit...over produced.  The almost photo realistic quality to the art is mind bending for sure but the sequential art and story telling aspects have gone bye bye to make way for splash pages and pin ups and ultra close ups and overly muscled characters who would not be able to move in real life with all those ripplling muskles.  BUT ....  I still love comics and remain a fan.  I drew up this cover on lunch at work and wanted to share with Ross.  He is not alone and we appreciate his blog and his work.

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