Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flea Market finds part 1

I am always out on the hunt for cool super hero related stuff...I went to an indoor flea market not too far from my home about 8 towns east of me...I was looking for new mototcycle gloves and I like to look at all the t-shirts my rotund body won't fit into...( They only carry up to 3 x and I'm a 4 )

In that flea market there is a little dollar store kind of shop...they get their supplies from the strangest vendors from all across the world. I found cool spider man stickers in a 2 pack. These are huge. The Spider man head is about 12 inches high as is the standing figure. I got these neat little stickers for a buck! I'll never stick them on anything...( Don't know why they won't be worth more than a buck) But it's for my collection of coolness...I call it my " Coolection " Hang in there I got two more cool posts to show ya!

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